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1000 Cowles Clinic Way
Aspen Cottage, Suite A-400
Greensboro, GA 30642


American Professional Associates Diagnostic Imaging Services

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1000 Cowles Clinic Way
Magnolia Cottage
Greensboro, GA 30642
PH: (706) 454-1624

Digital Diagnostic Imaging Services:

  • Multi-slice Computed Tomography (CT)

American Professional Associates Diagnostic Imaging Services sets a new standard for imaging in the Lake Oconee region. Located in the Magnolia Cottage, the center is an easily accessible, private facility with a professional staff. Advanced diagnostic care is delivered using 100% digital technology on the level of the most advanced metropolitan imaging centers. Using the newest technology means clearer images, faster exams, less exposure to radiation and a quicker transmission to your physician.

Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling is easy. Ask your physician to refer you to the American Professional Associates Diagnostic Imaging Center located in the Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care, Magnolia Cottage, for the most advanced diagnostic care with minimal wait times. Appointments can be promptly scheduled by calling (706) 454-1624.


Computed Tomography (CT)

A computed tomography (CT) scan uses a series of X-ray beams to create cross-sectional images. A computer reconstructs these “slices” to produce the 3-D image. The result is a picture with greater detail than traditional X-rays which means more accurate information for a more accurate diagnosis. CT technology is beneficial in many parts of the body such as the chest, abdomen, pelvis, or an arm or leg. It also takes pictures of body organs, blood vessels, bones and the spinal cord revealing minute details.