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The Cowles Clinic with its centers of excellence is the largest medical complex in the Lake Oconee Area. The 13 acre 8 building medical campus is located on Linger Longer Road a short distance from the entrance to Reynolds Plantation and the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee and a few miles from the Cuscowilla Resort. The campus address, 1000 Cowles Clinic Way, is the geographic center for healthcare for Greene, Putnam and Morgan Counties.

The Cowles Clinic is home for over 60 physicians in 36 specialties, the state licensed Cowles Clinic Laboratory, the Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care. The Executive Health Program includes a comprehensive physical by a team of specialists and includes the latest breakthrough in genetic testing. Read More

Cowles Clinic Urology - Moderna Vaccine Waiting List Instructions

Effective immediately, Cowles Clinic Urology is requesting the community who would like to join our "Vaccine Waiting List," to do so by registering via email at:

Our current Waiting List is for the following phase of people: Healthcare workers, people over the age of 65, Long-Term care facility residents and staff.

When you register by email, information required is: First/Last Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, category for which you qualify (healthcare worker, 65+, etc). If married couples are registering by email, please send one email and include both husband and wife.

Once you register by email on the Waiting List, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your request. Please do not call the office, nor respond to the email confirmation.

If you called the office previous to this post, adding your name to the Waiting List, PLEASE do not send an email to register again. Your name is already on the Waiting List.

Rest assured, as soon as your name populates at the top of the Waiting List, you will receive a phone call from Cowles Clinic Urology to schedule your vaccine appointment.

If you register on the Waiting List, and then are vaccinated elsewhere, please do not call our office (or email) to cancel. When we call you to schedule your vaccine, please kindly let us know at that time, and we will then call the next person on the Waiting List.

We are providing 1st and 2nd vaccinations only. We will not be providing 2nd vaccinations to people who have received their 1st vaccination elsewhere.

Please be patient with our staff as we are working diligently to vaccinate our community as quickly and effectively as possible.

Thank you.

We are proud to announce that Cowles Clinic Center for Urology was presented with an award by the company NeoTract! The award was for the UroLift Procedure Center of Excellence - we were one of 5 centers in the world to receive this award. (706)454-0100   Read More   See Award


Robert S. Cowles III, M.D.

A passionate physician whose vision has created an expert healthcare team for the Lake Oconee community and beyond.

(706) 454-0100


Setting a New Healthcare Standard

Cowles Clinic's newest specialties and technologies continue to bring superior and cutting edge care.

Cancer Implants Now Performed at Cowles Clinic

In an effort to provide the best treatments with greater patient access, urologist, Dr. Bob Cowles is now performing Permanent Prostate Seed Implants and High Dose Rate (HDR) prostate implants on site at Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care at Cowles Clinic. These therapies are two of the most effective radiation treatments used in the U. S. for prostate cancer.

Permanent Prostate Seed Implants and High Dose Rate (HDR) procedures were formerly only available in the hospital setting on an inpatient basis. The highest quality of care is delivered in a comfortable, safe environment that is close to home or comfortable accommodations. No hospital admission is required resulting in a more cost effective medical treatment with less stress on patients and their caregivers.

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