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Cancer-Beater Hosts "Thank You" Party for Cowles Clinic Docs

October 31, 2007 • Lake Oconee Breeze

18 It’s not unsual for a patient to thank his doctor with a nice card and perhaps a gift of fruit or wine. But for Warren Moser, who recently completed treatment for prostatic cancer at the Cowles Clinic, that simply would not do. Moser was determined to show his appreciation in a bigger way. He planned and implemented an exceptional event which was held October 25 at the Clinic’s Center for Total Cancer Care.

Moser invited the physicians and staff from the medical facility as well as more than a dozen of his friends and their wives who had also been treated there for prostate cancer. As soon as the last patient of the day was seen, more than seventy people crowded into the Center’s auditorium.

Moser opened the program by telling the audience how he was uniquely qualified to judge a medical facility. After crash landing his airplane on a Pacific Island during World War II he had to spend 24 months in ten different hospitals on three continents. On a scale of 1-to-10 he said he’d have to give the Cowles Clinic an 18. “We truly have a world-class facility right here in our neighborhood.”

He intoduced the other cancer survivors that were present, which gave them a chance to express brief thanks to the medical personnel. Everyone was touched by the heartfelt sincerity that they articulated.

Moser then listed the four most important things that he had learned from his experience:

1. Have a good primary care physician. He credits Cowles Clinic’s Dr. Janet Griffin with detecting a suspicious node during an annual physical examination.
2. Get a referral to a competent specialist. Urologist Dr. Robert Cowles was praised for his skill as well as his compassion.
3. Do not rely solely on PSA levels for a diagnosis.
4. Seek treatment at the most modern facility available. He expressed gratitude that Dr. David Lowther has brought a high level of expertise in the field of radiation oncology to the Cowles Clinic.

The talented Accapeewee singers provided entertainment as they delighted the crowd with their “melodies for maladies.” The group consists of Pat Ware, Elaine Thillen, and Moser’s wife, Jeanne Moser. Tears and laughter were mixed as they sang a parody of the Battle Hymn of the Republic with lyrics written by Warren. It was titled, “My Prostate’s Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Seed.”

Lowther was visibly touched by the tribute. He said, “As physicians we don’t expect anything like this. I feel lucky to have had this experience so early in my career. And I’m grateful to share in Bob Cowles’ vision for putting together such an excellent team in this location."

Dr. Cowles stated that one of his primary goals has been to have the community "put trust in us" and that this event made him feel that he is accomplishing that objective. "Not only do we offer every major medical procedure and service, but the quality is as good as it gets anywhere."

Warren serves on the board of Greene County Habitat for Humanity so he took the opportunity to have its president Theresa Kemp explain the Habitat mission and vision. He also plugged the 100-hole marathon golf fundraiser which he will participate in later this month with his wife.

After the program, refreshments were served. They consisted of numerous varieties of - you guessed it - weenies (pun intended). By the end of the evening there was no doubt that Warren had achieved his purpose of expressing his profound thanks and appreciation to all of his medical caregivers at the Cowles Clinic.