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GE 1.5 Tesla High-field MRI

High resolution imaging – Specializing in Abdominal/Pelvic Regions

Diffusion weighted imaging for CVA

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced diagnostic procedure that produces highly detailed three-dimensional images of internal body structures without the use of X-rays or any form of radiation.

When is a MRI used

  • to diagnose problems in the brain and spinal cord
  • to see the size and location of tumors
  • to examine joints and soft tissues
  • to diagnose diseases and disorders of the eyes and ears

Preparing for an MRI

  • Please wear loose clothing without zippers or metallic parts and do not wear any jewelry.
  • If you have any of the following, please discuss with our schedulers and technologist, as you may not be able to undergo MRI:
    • Pacemaker or implantable defibrillators – Some are MRI compatible
    • Cochlear (inner ear) implants
    • Neurostimulators
    • Some aneurysm clips
    • Implanted mediation pumps
    • Catheters with metal tips
    • Some medication patches

IV Contrast MRI

If exam is requiring IV contrast, labs must be drawn at least one day prior to exam or the patient can bring a copy of labs done within the last 30 days.

  • Labs must include kidney function.