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New Technology

Prostate Cancer Implants Performed at Cowles Clinic

In an effort to provide the best treatments with greater patient access, urologist, Dr. Bob Cowles performs Permanent Prostate Seed Implants and High Dose Rate (HDR) prostate implants on site at Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care at Cowles Clinic. These therapies are two of the most effective radiation treatments used in the U. S. for prostate cancer.

Permanent Prostate Seed Implants and High Dose Rate (HDR) procedures were formerly only available in the hospital setting on an outpatient basis.

By combining their expertise in prostate cancer treatment, Dr. Cowles and the oncology team have brought these therapies to the Cowles Clinic campus. The highest quality of care is now delivered in a comfortable, safe environment that is close to home. No hospital admission is required resulting in more cost effective medical treatment with less stress on patients and their caregivers